The Whiteplate

As a child, whenever I used to see the chinaware being fetched out of the cupboard, I would be elated. There would be an air of excitement in the house. Mama would finish her cooking and then get us ready. She would then announce that we were going to have guests. I for one was more excited about having my food in the white shiny porcelain plate. The dishes served on the plates would vary from delicious biriyani to simple meals. My joy remained the same irrespective of the changing menu. I think as kids we are so much happier and thankful. Few days back, I saw the picture of a beautiful white plate and it took me back to those days.

This year, I wish you and me have our own whiteplate moments where we are thankful and joyful celebrating the moments that life brings to us. Wishing you and your family a beautiful new year ahead !

Bohemian Writer. Kindness Researcher. Write on an intersection of different topics that pique my curiosity. A closet poet.

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