What will be your story ?

A couple who took on themselves to build a private sanctuary and contribute to the increase in forest cover. A young woman who left her cushy job to direct a beautiful movie. A creative duo who discovered their own hidden skills apart from art. A man who discovered himself and his purpose through his own journey of self discovery. A sportsperson who dreams and is working to make our country shine in other arenas of sport. A famous DJ who believes that life is about finding out who you are and living up to it. A sociologist who is working in the area of research on the current status of economic progress in India. This was the line of speakers from a Tedx talk that I attended last week. As they stood and enthralled us with their stories, there was a common thread that bound them together. It was clearly the love for their own sphere of work/cause. I sat there thinking about if I will have a story to share.

I have always been a late bloomer. My journey of self discovery has just begun. And it is never late to search for the answers to the questions that we have in life. I strongly believe that all of us have been bestowed with our own crowns of wisdom and knowledge. I also realized that it is perfectly fine to have a normal and happy story. We need not be famous or the world need not know our stories. As long as we as individuals have something to hold on to and look forward, life is good. We need to step out of our phones and laptops to look at the next person. Each one of us is special. We all are fighting our own battles of existence. We will have lots of unanswered questions. The answers will not come easy but if you are a curious cat like me, we will keep searching for them. When it comes to fulfillment, we have two main needs. One of course is the material part of it which is important. But it is also important not to blindly get lost while missing the present moment. The other is the spiritual part. Spiritual Fulfillment can mean different things to different people. Let me reserve this topic for another post.

To sum it up, life is a beautiful journey. Each one of us have our own stories that will remain special to us. In the quest for our existence, we should not forget to live each moment with gratitude and joy. If you have found your purpose, then cherish and nurture it.

I will be writing more on my experiences in this journey. My story is still being written and you bet that I am going to make it a happy one :).

PS: This blog was initially published in my personal blog.

Bohemian Writer. Kindness Researcher. Write on an intersection of different topics that pique my curiosity. A closet poet.

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