While Finding Dory, I found this.

It is a joy to go and watch movies with children. They shed all their inhibitions. and really enjoy the moment. I have been a fan of such genre of movies. I always leave the theatre with some reflections and analogies. While I had a gala time while watching Finding Dory, I had some takeaways that may or may not make sense for everybody:). Here they are :

Just Keep Swimming. – Yes, we got to keep swimming irrespective of the situations. There will be tides and currents in life but we cannot give up. We got to keep the spirit up and running.

There is always another way – What would Dory do? What would you do ? Whenever we are faced with adverse situations in life, we should always remember that there are no dearth of alternatives if thought over carefully.

Listen to yourself – Sometimes we all get overpowered by self-doubt, those are the times when we got to listen to ourselves and believe in the journey. In the movie, it was a search for her parents. In life, it can be anything. I am in a similar state of search where I do not know if I will be successful but nevertheless the experience has been worthwhile.

Be Yourself and Keep Trying – Nobody is perfect. We all have our flaws and need to keep working on it. Acceptance is an important part of our lifecycles. Loved the scene when Dory plunged into the tunnel and kept trying to remember the turns. We will come across such tunnels in personal life/work/relationships and we need to keep trying to get where we want to reach.

Keep your family and friends close – What would life be without all the relationships that we have in life. No amount of money or recognition can compensate your family and friends. They are the precious pearls in our lives so keep them closer:).

Cherish the vast ocean of life and enjoy the adventures that life presents us with each day.

PS: The blog was originally published in my personal log.

Bohemian Writer. Kindness Researcher. Write on an intersection of different topics that pique my curiosity. A closet poet.

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